Sorting the Seeds, installation image



I am excited to have a solo show at Pushdot Studio this June which will take further the work I’ve done on Psyche’s journey of tasks. The works chosen will explore the first task she was given – Sorting the Seeds. After being presented with a granary full of various seeds (millet, corn, beans etc), Psyche was asked by Aphrodite to sort them. Psyche was overwhelmed with the task, and wept in disappointment. Meanwhile, some ants came to her rescue and separated them out swiftly.


The task is a metaphor of taking stock of all the possibilities and emotions at the beginning of a transition period. Through the act of sorting, one becomes clear on priorities and goals, on our nature and our proclivities. Clarifying systems, setting boundaries and understanding what is essential.


Needless to say, as any act of sorting makes clear, the works presented at Pushdot vary in medium and in subject, always coming from the same intention – to clarify what it is exactly that fuels my art practice. Working as a professional artist, navigating the art world, art history and art in general society can be overwhelming. With doubt as the cornerstone of my studio practice, I am continually compelled to recheck my boundaries, goals, technique and purpose. At times I have walked away from my art practice, only to realize that it compels me and keeps me breathing. Knowing this I seek my ants regularly – those things in my life that ground me – for fear of being completely overwhelmed.


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